Cleanser & Exfoliator

HK$ 250.00

A universal, velvety cleansing foam created with a delicate plant base and natural anti-infl ammatory and soothing extracts. Safe even for a very sensitive skin, also of eye and lip area. It effective removes makeup and impurities, as well as dust and heavy metals. It hydrates, soothes minor irritation, strengthens the defense mechanisms of the skin. skóry.

HK$ 350.00

A revitalizing 2 in 1: a multifunctional peeling mask with strong stimulating and anti-oxidative effects. The easily assailable form of vitamin C and organic superfruit extracts effectively detoxify and revitalize the skin, while the exfoliating rice particles gently remove rough epidermis, revealing a fresh and radiant skin.

HK$ 330.00

Combines natural exfoliating ingredients from exotic fruit and the “intelligent” molecular cosmetic formula. The biomimetic properties help to remove dead epidermis cells and deeply cleanses the skin without causing irritation or dryness.

HK$ 400.00

Drop of Sunshine - Rich Regenerating & Bronze Body Butter (180ml) A nourishing body butter with unique regenerating, elasticity improving and bronzing properties. Perfect for those who care for a nice skin color and those who spend a lot of time in the sun. It provides a multidirectional, active care. It has a pleasant, velvety consistency.

HK$ 120.00

Rise and Shine - Refreshing Body and Face Cleansing Gel (250ml) A gentle, soothing and refreshing body and face gel. It has a delicate, natural and skin-friendly cleansing base. Due to its soothing and hydrating properties, it is especially recommended for those whose skin is dry and sensitive, as well as for those who spend a lot of time in the sun.

HK$ 300.00

My Precious, Nourishing Scrub Wash (180ml) A nourishing body peeling with an appetizing mango scent. Recommended especially for dry and delicate skin, as well as for skin in need of regeneration, especially in the period of high sun exposure. Sugar crystals and ground apricot kernels thoroughly remove dead cells of the epidermis, refresh and smooth it.

HK$ 120.00

Hands Up Baby! Reconstructing Hand Cream (50ml) A modern, active hand cream that hydrates, firms and inhibits photo-aging. It effectively supports hand skin in the fight against dryness and gradual loss of firmness. It inhibits skin aging caused by year-round exposure to UV radiation. It makes the skin less prone to discoloration.

HK$ 350.00

Hello Sunshine! Reconstructing Bronzing Cream (50 ml) An innovative, light cream with firming, regenerating and slightly bronzing effects. It provides multidirectional support for skin that is losing elasticity and is exposed to photo-aging. Recommended especially for those who care for nice skin color and those who spend a lot of time in the sun.

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