ESSENTIALE - Liver Health Herbal (50cap)

ESSENTIALE - Liver Health Herbal (50cap)

Essentiale Forte is a herbal medicine used to treat liver disease. It improves patient's complaints such as lack of appetite, impression of pressure in the right epigastric region caused by liver damage. This is a result of improper diet, toxic substances, or hepatitis.

HK$ 230.00

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HK$ 300.00


Selling Points

• Herbal medicine for liver health

• Liver damage can be caused by imporper diet

• toxis substances, or hepatitis

• This medicine effectively improves liver damage

Key Features & Information

• 50 Capsules

• Store at room temperature

• Do not exceed recommended servings

• Soybean oil may cause allergic reactions to some people

• Pregnant women and nursing mothers consult doctor before use

• Adults & Children over 12, take 2 capsules 3 times a day

• Taken during meals with glass of water